Monday, May 5, 2014

Making this sucker legit!

So I was bored last night and decided to buy my own domain name. It was only $20 for a year on so I figured if I don't end up blogging as much as I hope to then I'm not losing much. But for now is alive and kicking! I invited Thomas to join as an author which I'm not sure he will actually do, but I can at least say I gave him the option!

I need to find a better layout but for now default template will do. I used to love making websites and doing html stuff. But you should have just seen me trying to figure out how to make my new domain show my blog. I was freaking out! This is a whole new ballgame compared to that ish I used to create on good old geocities.

So Thomas is currently in Spain for work. He left Friday night and he won't be back until next Monday. I miss him sooo much! If my memory serves me this will be the longest we've ever been apart since we've been together. It's also the farthest he's ever had to travel too. I hope he's having a good time!

Good morning @tbrew489  #missmyhubby photo 10170713_10154077404435494_8847252047480806665_n.jpg

So my sister went to DisneyWorld with Jon on his school's band trip. So while they are away I'm guinea pig sitting this cutie.

My house guest this week! #Dora#GuineaNeice @amandalakits photo 10264936_10154074784130494_570400474007267512_n.jpg

Bowie loves her too! She whines when she can't see her. It's pretty cute.
Bowie loves having #GuineaCousin #Dora here too! She's been so good with her and whines when she can't see her. They sniff each other through the cage it's cute  @amandalakits photo 10301125_10154074796565494_1064804220321499456_n.jpg

Alright well it's way later then I had planned on staying up so I'm finally off to bed.

g'night all!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Wedding Day!

So I've been married for over two months! It still feels so surreal. Like did that really just happen? I wanted to recap my amazing day so I can look back years from now and remember the most amazing day of my life thus far. I hope I don't forget anything while writing this!

So I originally invited myself to go out to dinner on Friday (2/21) with Thomas and his work friends to Las Margaritas ( Which is this cute little Mexican restaurant that has amazing margaritas (they better with a name like that right? lol) and is close to the hotel where Thomas would be sleeping that night. Then last minute I thought I'd invite whatever family was around and wanted to go. Next thing I know we have like almost 20 people for dinner. Well that place doesn't take reservations and they didn't seem interested in trying to accommodate a large party so myself and my family had to come up with another plan. Thomas had already committed to going to Las Margarita's though (he had ppl from working meeting him there so he couldn't backout) so he wasn't able to join us. We found a nice Italian place that was actually in the same stripmall that Las Margarita's was in. So after dinner we were able to run in and say hello but the place was so packed we couldn't stay. So I said goodbye to Thomas and went home. Once I got home I finished up a few last minute wedding things I had to do and then got started on my letter to Thomas. You see a few months into the engagement Thomas mentioned that he wouldn't cry on our wedding day or being like super emotional or anything. I said that's fine but I wanted him to write me a letter. If he wasn't going to be able to spill his love for me that day then he had to put it in writing so I could keep it forever. He agreed so I held him to this. I was up until almost 2am writing. I finally finished and fell asleep pretty quickly.

6:45am came super quick. I woke up feeling super excited and anxious. FINALLY the big day was here!
I grabbed a quick shower and packed my overnight bag. Then got Bowie's stuff together since she would be spending the day/night at Woof Day Care/Boarding. Side Note: They are freaking awesome! Everyone there is super nice and they don't discriminate against dogs like Bowie (Pitbulls/Bully breeds, etc). As long as your dog gets along with other dogs they let them run all over the place and come and go as they please (if they want to go outside vs. staying inside). So I said goodbye to my puppers and dropped her off and then headed over to Sheryl's to start getting ready. Kim (my awesome hairdresser who I've seen for the last ten years) set my hair in curlers and then it was time to get makeup done. Oh and don't forget the mimosas! Melissa & Danielle had camped outside Canals like a bunch of alcoholics awesome bridesmaids until they opened and saved the day! Once that was done my hair was finished and veil put in and I was ready to go! I wanted to be done hair and makeup and be on the road by noon. We were done by I want to say 11am. So I'm thinking great, we're ahead of schedule. But I forgot to mention we ran into a small issue Friday night when my Dad went and tried his tux on. His pants were WAYYYY to big. Like he could fit both legs into one leg hole big. My Mom said she or Brian would take care of it. So turns out the tux place didn't open until 11:30 so we had to wait for them to open and then Brian and Jon ran over there to pick up some replacement pants. We finally hit the road around 12:30pm. We hit some traffic when we first left but once we got over the bridge it was smooth sailing. Once we were there I pretty much gave up on trying to stick to my time schedule. Everyone told me before that this was probably gonna happen so I was okay with it. Once all the girls were there and my Mom arrived I started to get ready. My Mom and Amanda helped me get dressed. There were lots of tears of course. My Mom gave me a tiny blue ribbon to wear inside my dress. She wore it on her wedding day and my grandmom on hers, and I believe my great-grandmom on hers. I have to remember to ask her again because we were both crying pretty hard and I can't remember it all. It was really awesome that I got to have that little part of them with me. And speaking of which I have mention how amazing the weather was that day. The Tuesday before the wedding it snowed like 6" and it was cold and crappy all week. But that day is was a beautiful sunny 60 degrees and I have no doubt in my mind that it was the doing of our amazing grandparents & family members that we're not able to be with us that day.

Once I was dressed it was time to go see Thomas for our "First Look". I remember feeling so nervous & excited. Would he like my dress? my hair/makeup? How would he react? To be honest I can't really tell you exactly how he reacted as I started crying almost immediately. I know he was happy and he did love my dress. He didn't cry so he stuck to his word, haha. So we got a few pictures in here at the hotel and then it was time to round everyone up and head to the venue! So we all boarded the school bus (Shout out to McGough Bus Company!) and rode over. It was a short ride but I remember being really hot (again who would of thought with it being February that it'd be so warm!). Once we got there we dropped off our stuff and then started on our bridal party/family pictures outside. We got some really cute Pinterest inspired shots! Once they were done Thomas and I did some more pics of just us. Then when we were done we went to go hide out as the guests were going to start to arrive any minute! Ahh I couldn't believe it was almost time! We lined up outside the ceremony room and my Dad told me he was honored to have the opportunity to do this and that he loved me and I of course lost it. Under his instruction I tried to pull myself together before we had to make our entrance but it was really hard. So finally it was our turn to walk down the aisle. I didn't know how hard it was to smile and try not to cry at the same time. It felt like my face was fighting with itself. haha. I know the room was packed but I couldn't tell you where anyone was. My goal at that moment was to not cry, fall, and just keep my eyes on Thomas. Once I arrived at the alter it was smooth sailing. We had probably the shortest ceremony ever. And I'm not just saying that because it was my own and everything that day was flying by. I had so many people tell me how it was so short but it was great because it got right down to the point. My sister barely had enough time to take my flowers from me and fix my dress before we were pronounced husband & wife and sent on our way!

We hadn't talked about doing a receiving line but we ended up doing one. Which in hindsight I'm glad we did because Thomas and I didn't get to walk around to all the tables and talk to everyone. We both would just get stopped by people as we were walking around which suited us both just fine. So once we greeted everyone I quickly changed into my sparkly fuggs/boots my sister got me as my heels were killing me. Then we were informed there was a bridal suite we could hang out in if we wanted to! Umm what?! Why didn't anyone tell us about this room earlier when we were stashed in the other room were they were checking people's coats and people kept coming in when they weren't supposed to! GRRR So now it was time for a drink! I go to get myself a vanilla vodka and coke and they tell me they don't have any vanilla vodka!

Umm WTF!?
Needless to say I was pretty freaking bummed. They had some when we were there for our tasting so I assumed that was something they had as part of their flavored vodkas. So I settled for a orange vodka & sprite. Which was pretty gross now that I think about it. Thankfully by the time I forced that drink down they had sent someone out to get some vanilla vodka and my night was saved.  So after that quick first drink cocktail hour was over. I think it was only a half hour because of us starting later but I wasn't wearing a watch so I couldn't say for sure. It just seemed really short. So we lined up and they announced us into the reception and Thomas and I went right into our first dance. Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic".

It was amazing and I'm really glad I decided to go with that song. After our dance ended we had the bridal party and parents join us on the dance floor for a dance and we danced to "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. I always said that was going to be my wedding song but I'm glad I changed my mind.

So after our dances it was time to eat! The food was really good. I was bummed they didn't offer us the other entrees until after they already gave us all prime rib but it's whatev. Everyone told me the food was really good so I'm glad everyone liked it. After dinner it was time for speeches. My sister killed it. Her speech was amazing and I loved it. She said she was nervous but honestly you'd have never known it by hearing/watching her. Nick's speech was so cute and he did great. I know I hate public speaking so I give them both a ton of credit for getting up there and doing it. We loved them both :)

After speeches were done it was time for the parent dances. I danced with my Dad to "I loved her first" by Heartland and Thomas and his Mom danced to "A Song For My Son" by Mikki Viereck. After those were done we were able to walk around a little bit and chat with people. I wish I would have written this sooner because now I can't remember if we did the cake cutting before or after the bouquet toss? My wedding video should be here any day now so I know that will clear that up but for the sake of not waiting any longer to finish this post I'll just say we did the bouquet toss first, lol. I remember having my toss bouquet in one hand and drink in the other and thinking to myself I better not throw the wrong thing! haha So I gave someone my drink and got ready to toss! I don't know what I was thinking but I launched that sucker like my life depended on it! It went over all of the girls heads but my sister was able to grab it! It was then time for Thomas to remove my garter which I laughed pretty much the entire time it was happening. Then it was time for him to throw the garter. After seeing what I did he didn't want to do the same thing so his throw ended up falling way short. Kev grabbed it! Seeing his and my sisters faces while he was putting it on her was priceless and our photographers did a great job catching that hilarious moment!

After that the rest of the night is really a blur. At the end of the reception we packed everything up and headed back to the hotel and went to the bar. There we had lots of laughs, shots, & a shamrock shake! Once the bar closed I drunkenly invited people back to our room for an after-after party. But once I got to my room I knew there would only be one thing I'd be doing before I went to bed and it wasn't entertaining guests ;) So we turned a few people away (one of them being my mother-in-law, haha), consummated our marriage, and then passed out. I woke up with one of the worst hangovers I've had in a long long time. But I just took that as a sign that we had a great night! Which I knew that we did, but to have so many people come up to me and tell me what a great time they too sealed the deal. Actually we got so many compliments on everything. We were so lucky to have some amazing vendors and I'd recommend every single one of them again!

I have all my pictures posted on my facebook so if you're reading this you've probably already seen them so I'm not going to overload this post with more. I'll just share a few of my favorite shots from the night!

hair started! photo 10004061_10153929182910494_912476211_n.jpg #weddingselfie :) photo 1098465_10153929183600494_504818300_n.jpg  photo 2014-02-23_0001_zpse45229e1.jpg Bridal Party!Vibrant Image Photography photo 1597170_10153929176635494_564616245_o.jpg about to leave for the hotel to finish getting ready! photo 1909142_10153929234000494_1256489795_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1899565_10153959007490494_93464738_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 614768_10153959008960494_160484576_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1890650_10153959006940494_1155161173_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1780974_10153929275325494_149797761_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1973572_10153929274015494_1971858250_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1782307_10153929310220494_41478924_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 10003757_10153929300125494_1080867587_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 10010561_10153929239985494_1463942696_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1795917_10153929243165494_281008088_o.jpg First look!Vibrant Image Photography photo 1966314_10153933451720494_1366711366_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1277267_10153933485365494_1636983061_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1899433_10153933480925494_964606211_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1529767_10153933648800494_278098045_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1909212_10153933648880494_115406355_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 10012797_10153933652005494_542502083_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1801163_10153933650530494_1754128222_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1979296_10153933607195494_710688267_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 10014779_10153933575410494_1807694184_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1941608_10153933507870494_1214326011_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1978507_10153933664125494_1474808544_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1888911_10153933663750494_2079185360_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1522458_10153945714125494_207517908_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1978499_10153945747930494_1487049398_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1932645_10153945751330494_1557693524_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1978451_10153945741875494_1944925365_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 10001127_10153946163635494_370107889_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1978491_10153946187925494_230495097_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1891367_10153946233380494_1157490880_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 10003840_10153946235440494_1811122294_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1898843_10153946301025494_1853759430_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1265817_10153946319660494_137620354_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1801355_10153946438665494_1538627161_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1957624_10153946619735494_1597813411_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1911087_10153946622295494_307135262_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 10010409_10153946655850494_1503109279_o.jpg  photo 1492405_10153946562460494_1322035765_o.jpg  photo 10003647_10153946554435494_529908218_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1965575_10153959009995494_1989314984_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1898350_10153946697995494_1708160999_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1556484_10153946703260494_1073987359_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1926136_10153946703860494_1136475536_o.jpg Bridesmaid pose, hahaNicole Nurthen Photography photo 1941571_10153933664265494_1624092235_o.jpg Vibrant Image Photography photo 1890620_10153933664365494_553637794_o.jpg Prom pose!Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1403248_10153933667725494_480975464_o.jpg Nicole Nurthen Photography photo 1780209_10153933667635494_1341897238_o.jpg

Now to give credit where it's due to all of my fantastic vendors..

Hair - My amazing hair dresser Kim from Sheryl's Hair Essentials. Kim has been doing my hair for the last 10 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my hair for my wedding.

Makeup - I know I grabbed her card and for the life of me I can't find it! :( She was awesome though! Super sweet and patient with me when I couldn't stop blinking haha

Jewelry - everything I wore (except for my rings) was from Charming Charlie

My dress - Maggie Sottero "Lorie"

Bridesmaid dresses - Jasmine Belsoie L3017

Tuxes - from Tuxedo Gallery

Venue - Brookside Manor. Steve & Matt (or was it Mark?) were both amazing. They made sure our day went smoothly and everything was wonderful. The food was great and we got so many compliments on it! We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a venue!

Flowers - My flowers were gorgeous and I loved them! Bob and his staff from Rose Bud did an amazing job!

Photographer - Sarah and Nicole from Vibrant Image Photography were freaking AWESOME! Both were super sweet and fun to work with!

Videographer - Matt from Cornerstone Wedding is great! The video turned out great and he was always very prompt it getting back to me and got me my video super quick!

DJ - Joe Bene from Steve and Company was simply amazing. He let us have as much (or as little) control over the music that we wanted and kept the crowd going all night. We HIGHLY recommend him to everyone needing a DJ!

Cake/Desserts - Desserts by Design